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Asphalt by nature, is a temporary product.  At Pavement Surface Control our goal is to provide solutions to make sure that you get the most life out of your asphalt.  Factors that are considered in our planning are the age of your asphalt, your budget and your schedule.  We examine these factors to provide you with the best long term plan to maintain your pavement.

Pavement Surface Control provides complete layout and parking striping for commercial and municipal parking lots using high quality equipment and the best paints available.  Whether you need your parking lot re-striped, you are looking to design a layout to maximize your space or you are a contractor trying to hire a striping company to put the finishing touch on your project, with Pavement Surface Control’s 40 years’ experience in the pavement maintenance industry you can count on a job well done at a price you can afford.

Parking lot signs are an easy way to designate parking spaces and areas.  Pavement Surface Control offers standard parking lot signs or custom parking lot signs delivered and or installed to city standards.

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